Drone For Business Training

Class Schedule and Agenda - Times and Days to be Announced:

Morning Session Class Outline


Adopting Drones into Your Business Overview

FAA Mandates, Part 107, Section 333

Aerial Video and Photography

Surveying and Mapping

Mining and Aggregate Operations

Utilities & Construction

Precision Agriculture

Search & Rescue

Security, Sensing and Inspection

Waypoints, Pilot Comm, ATC, Automation

Flight Time and Power Storage Advance Overview


Afternoon Session Class Outline


Current Battery Technology, Flight Times

Electric Powered vs. Other

Touch & Go Power Recharging

Solar Powered UAS & Charge Stations

Tether Powered UAS

Hybrid Power Technical Advances

Civil Infrastructure for UAS Monitoring

Integration into Commercial Airspace Overview

Business Bottom Line/ Lets Make Money

Business UAS Safety